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Upland pool and spa equipment repair


At Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair, we are experts in the pool and spa equipment repair industry. We know the importance of finding experienced technicians to take care of all your pool and spa needs. Fontana pool and spa repair Whether you need a scheduled weekly or monthly checkups on your pool, or if you need pool equipment repairs. We are a trusted company for pool services in all of Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. With our central location, we are able to respond quickly to services requests for repairs and all our technicians have a lot of experience and training in pool maintenance. Our Pool and Spa Equipment repair services include;
  • Pool opening
  • Pool maintenance
  • Pool repair
  • Pool paint
  • Pool liner replacement
  • High-performance pool finish
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Vacuum repair
  • Swimming pool closing

Pool Repair

For your in-ground pool issues, we can perform a complete range of repairs.  It does not matter whether you have a small or big renovation project. We adapt to the situation to give new life to your aquatic facility.  The work is guaranteed and will last for many years to come. Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair technicians are specially trained to perform many types of repairs on in-ground pools with vinyl liners or in concrete. Call us today for an estimate. It’s free! We excel in the following types of repairs:

Pool Equipment Repair

When it comes to pool equipment repair, it is imperative to hire someone you trust. Improper handling of repairs can lead to bigger, and more expensive, issues later. We handle professional services for private pools and community pools, and we’re prepared to help with whatever type of pool you have. When everything runs correctly within your pool system, your monthly maintenance expenses decrease throughout the year.


We care about keeping your expenses down, which is why our customers trust Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair to get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to be the premier pool and spa equipment repair company in the Inland Empire We specialize in the following pool equipment repair services:

Pool Pump Repair

Your swimming pool’s water pump is the main component of the pool’s circulation system. The pump takes water from the pool through the main drain to the filter and returns it back to the main pool. When the water pump is not working correctly, your beautiful pool is not able to properly filter and pump clean water. This, in turn, causes your pool to become dirty and potentially hazardous for swimming. If your pool has an older water pump, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the new pump technology that lowers energy cost by up to 60%. The new upgraded pumps can be programmed to run at variable speeds during the day and/or night. Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair is a certified installer for pool pumps that are speedy and efficient. Modern speed pumps can significantly reduce the energy needed (thus the cost associated) with the filtration, cleaning, and circulation of your swimming pool. Modern speed pumps are also much quieter and last longer than traditional single speed pumps. If you are experiencing problems with your water pump, or feel that it’s time to upgrade your water pump to a new, energy-saving model, call us today! One of our trained professionals will come out and give you a consultation. Let us get your pool back to operating at optimal conditions!

Pool Heater Repair

At Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair, we believe that you should be able to enjoy the luxury of having a swimming pool all the time. Pool heaters allow you to comfortably swim in your pool even when it’s cold out. As a pool owner, don’t you just love being able to go for a dip in the pool whenever you feel like it? During the colder months of fall and winter, a functioning swimming pool heater is essential. If the heater is having issues, one of our skilled technicians will come out to check the gas valve, pumps, heater pilot, heater bypass, etc. they will then repair or replace your pool heater and any related equipment at an affordable price.

Pool Cleaner Replacement

Anyone who owns a pool is grateful pool cleaners were invented, as they are constantly doing your pool’s “cleaning” for you! pool and spa repair Upland Automatic pool cleaners are a necessary supplement to a weekly total clean. However, when these cleaning machines break down, it can become a nightmare to find someone you trust to replace or repair it at a reasonable cost. At Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair, we believe in offering high-quality service that does not break your monthly budget. We are ready and able to repair or replace any pool cleaner equipment you have that isn’t working properly.

Pool Filter Replacement

When you own pool, having a working pool filter is crucial. Your pool filter plays the same role as that of a human body’s liver, in that it filters your pool to keep debris from harming the system. When your pool filter is damaged or not functioning correctly, it is unable to do its job and can lead to damaging results. The first sign of a filter problem can be the pressure gauge consistently reading above 30psi. If your pool filter is having problems, call us today. We will come out and perform a full examination of the pool’s filtration system, pinpoint the problem, and make sure that it’s fixed as soon as possible. The responsibility of maintaining a pool can be a lot of hard work. It does require time, money, and energy- and for many of us, those three things are in short supply. This should not stop you from having the pool of your dreams, however! As masters of everything pool, this is where we shine. We will do the job for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool! We are very much committed to providing you with the best customer service at a cost-effective price. Whatever your pool needs may be, call us today! One of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will come out to help you with any pool equipment repairs maintenance, and service needs. From leak detection and filter cleaning to swimming pool heater and equipment replacement, Rancho Cucamonga Pool, and Spa Equipment Repair reliable pool company with experts who are ready to help. You can learn more about swimming pool sanitation by pasting this url into your browser: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swimming_pool_sanitation

Pool Opening

Once a service call has been registered with a Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair agent, technicians specially trained in pool opening will arrive at your home on the date scheduled for your pool opening. Pool opening is comprised of multiple steps which depend on the package you have chosen.  We take care of your equipment and offer a guarantee.  The following is an example of service we give depending on your aquatic facilities: We offer a few opening packages with one or two additional visits in order to ensure the cleanliness of the pool, the balance of the water (balancing chemicals included) and the function of the pool over the week after opening. Colton pool and spa repair This service gives you total peace of mind since we automatically return to your pool after the official opening.  An opportunity for peace of mind and a successful swimming season!  It is divided into these steps: 3 to 4 visits:
  • Vacuuming of the pool
  • Brushing of the pool, steps, skimmer and accessories
  • Cleaning around the pool
  • Reattachment of pipes
  • Water clarification
  • Installation of accessories around the pool
  • Starting up of filtration system
  • Fix visible plumbing leaks
  • General check up of water heater and other components
  • Chemical balancing of water (pH, Alkalinity, Hardness)

Pool Maintenance

We offer both In-ground and above-ground pool maintenance. We have provided pool maintenance services to our clients for an extended period while providing the best services.  Our service includes all the elements necessary to keep your water clear. In addition, our service aids your filtration system and water heater to work at their full capacity. With one or two visits per week, you have peace of mind for all things related to your pool. Our high-quality services and products extend the lifespan of your pool.  Your days of picking up supplies, performing water quality tests and handling chemicals are over! Let our skilled team take care of your pool.  All you need to do is to dive in enjoy it! spa and pool repair Rancho Cucamonga The service includes:
  • Water quality tests (Free available chlorine, Combined available chlorine, Total available chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Phosphate)
  • Addition of accurately calculated quantity of chemicals
  • Fine tuning of your salt system (if present)
  • We use our tools to reduce wear and tear on yours
  • Cleaning of the pool with a vacuum
  • Cleaning of the water surface with a net
  • Brushing of the pool
  • Reverse flow cleaning (Backwash)
  • Cleaning of filter cartridges (if present)
  • Addition of water
  • Cleaning of baskets (pump and skimmer)
  • Cleaning of the pool deck with a brush
  • General checkup of equipment to ensure that it is in good working order all summer long
  • Adjustment of your accessories to increase their lifespan and effectiveness

Pool Paints

Our technicians are specially trained for this kind of work. They can advise you on the best choice of paint which depends on your pool or spa and your environment.  We are used to working with the wide variety of pools and paints on the market. We use paints that are either rubber based or synthetic resin based: acrylic, epoxy or rubber.  These paints are waterproof and are slightly elastic which extends their lifespan and their ability to resist freeze-thaw cycles.

We offer the best paints

If we wish to add a new coat of paint on top of the old paint, it is important to know what kind of paint is already on the structure.  The same sort of paint must be used for the new coat.  If not, the new coat of paint will not adhere to the layer of paint below. In the case of not knowing what type of paint is already in the pool, we recommend using acrylic which is the most multipurpose paint. It is not always required but recommended to remove the pre-existing paint and start with a bare surface.  We can use Aqua blast to remove pre-existing paint and start from bare concrete.  If the paint is in good condition and only needs to be refreshed, a light sanding is required to ensure that the new paint will properly adhere to the painted surface.

Deep cleaning before painting

A few conditions have to be respected before the painting phase can begin.  It is necessary to perform a deep cleaning in order to remove living organisms (algae, moss, etc.) This is performed in three steps:

First, high-pressure cleaning will be performed.

Then cleaning with an all-in-one solution which degreases and acidifies the structure.  This removes calcium deposits and deep cleans the bottom and walls of the pool. Commercial pool and spa equipment repair Rancho Cucamonga Finally, a rinse to remove any residual chemical deposits. Not until all the previous steps have been followed can pool paint be applied.  Manufacturers of pool paint suggest the application of two coats of paint.  In order to allow the different components of the paint to polymerize, refilling the pool must wait for a minimum of one week (depending on the products) after application of the paint.

Pool Liner Replacement

We have a specially trained team dedicated to pool liners at your service. We can install a replacement liner for your in-ground or above ground pool. You can choose from a range of liners with a variety of pattern and colors.  Our team can also perform leak detection tests for your liner, and perform repairs as needed with a vinyl patch or a weld.

Pool Vacuum Repair

Our specially trained technicians will fix your vacuum problems with utmost transparency and can suggest what kind of vacuum is best for you pool. We have a team that is ready to repair your vacuum quickly and efficiently.  Our expertise allows us to offer a quality service at a competitive price. We are able to repair the majority of pool vacuums available on the market.  We specialize in repairing the following brands of automatic vacuums: Dolphin by Maytronics, Navigator by Hayward, TigerShark by Hayward, Pool Vac, SharkVAC by Hayward, AquaVac by Hayward, KreepyKrauly Prowler by Pentair, etc. We have offered a complete “ready to go” service for the closing of your in-ground pool, semi inground or above-ground pool. This guide has been created by our team of expert technicians.  Here you will find the details of pool closing as well as some useful tips.

Pool Closing Service

Once a service call has been registered with our company agent, technicians specially trained in pool closing will arrive at your home on the scheduled date. Details of the service:
  • Lowering of water level
  • Disconnection of pipes
  • Dismantling and storage of external structures (jets, accessories, ladder and diving board)
  • Storage of filtration parts in a labeled bag
  • Blowing out pipes
  • Winterization of water heater (gas, thermos pump, electric or solar)
  • Addition of antifreeze as needed
  • Pool closing chemical kit
  • Insertion of foam or Gizzmo with plug to protect the skimmer
  • Storage of filtration equipment inside the house if they are exposed to bad weather (pump, salt system)
  • Winterizing spa overflow (if present)
  • Cleaning of the salt system cell
  • Cleaning of filter cartridges
  • Extra cost for new foam or Gizzmo
  • Additional cost for installation of winter pool cover

SPA Repair

We are specialized in the repair of all varieties of spas.  We are familiar with all the brands of spa available in Rancho Cucamonga. Our skills allow us to rework a spa completely.  We can repair anything from the tiniest crack to a corner that is completely ripped off. Our technicians trained in electronic components and piping will be in a position to repair or replace what is causing the problem. Our technicians are trained and certified for the following control systems: Gecko, Balboa, Sundance/Jacuzzi, Watkins, etc. We are able to service and repair the following spa components:
  • Control panel (Spa Pack)
  • Water heater (heating element)
  • Controller
  • Spa cabinets (faux-wood plastic) (repair or installation of complete cabinet)
  • Jets (add jets or change defective jets)
  • Light (add a light or change to an L.E.D. light)
  • Blower (add or repair a blower system)
  • Underneath spa (add or repair protective polyethylene)
  • Insulation (add polyurethane foam or infra-red reflective paper)
  • Plumbing and piping
  • Move a spa
  • Pump (repair, reconditioned or installation of a more powerful pump)
  • Change parts
  • Radio and sound system
  • Spa cover

Spa Recovery

If you no longer want your spa, you can leave it to us.  If there are costly repairs or if you simply no longer use it, we can recuperate your spa. In addition, if you plan to by a new spa we can take away your old spa. Send a photo of your spa as well your contact information to us so that we can communicate with you. Our technicians will safely remove your spa from its current location to take it for recycling.  If the spa is built-in, it will be necessary to remove a significant portion of the sides to have access for removal.  In addition, it will be necessary to cut the power to the spa. Following our visit, it will be necessary to have the electrical cable safely removed.  We will tidy up the cable, but you will have to have it permanently removed.  Finally, you can reclaim the space in your yard. Do not throw your spa in the garbage.  Have it taken away by Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair.

Spa closing services

Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repair has offered a complete “ready to go” service for the closing of your spa!  In this section, you will find our spa closing guide.  This guide has been created by our team of expert technicians.  Here you will find the details of spa closing as well as some useful tips. They include; We offer a complete service for closing your spa and preparing it for winter.  We perform closings for all brands of spa.  We are working with:
  • Classic spas with 1, 2 or 3 pumps
  • Swim spas
  • In-ground spas such as Spa-Nature or H2zen
  • Indoor spa or spa in a gazebo

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