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If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with maintaining your commercial pool the old school way then, it is the time to enlist the help of a state of the art modern pool and Spa Equipment repair services. During the hot summer months, there is nothing better than taking a dip in a cool refreshing, crystal clear body of water. If you are the owner of an apartment building or a hotel, know having a pool is an essential amenity. When tourists imagine, water is among the first things they think of. It is their portal to relaxation. Unfortunately, it is anything but relaxing for those who have the responsibility to maintain it.

A great company

It takes specialized skills and knowledge to keep a swimming pool, which is why it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced pool company. Having a professional swimming pool company that can properly service your apartment or hotel pool repairs will save you time and money. spa and pool repair Rancho Cucamonga Hotels, apartment buildings, recreation centers and schools with commercial swimming pools often hire a professional pool company to maintain and repair their swimming pools and pool equipment. It is important to hire a pool company that is licensed bonded and insured, understands all County Code and regulations, and understands how important it is to keep a public pool environment safe for members, guest, and home owners.

Major and critical task

Properly maintaining a body of water is an important and vital task. Nothing is more inviting to a guest or tenant than a sparkling, inviting swimming pool. Also, a well-maintained swimming pool facility positively affects your image and business character which allows business to thrive without headaches. As a commercial pool operator, you need a swimming pool company with the expertise and experience to handle your commercial pool needs efficiently and professionally.

We are that company!

At our business, we believe that our customers deserve the best and nothing less! We are proud to provide services to several resorts, hotels, and apartments throughout the area. We specialize in automation systems for both installation and maintenance. At our firm, we understand and help managers with their pool needs. We have tailored services that will help you. Furthermore, we offer training to your staff, providing you with chemicals, commercial pool repairs of all kinds, permits, remodels and decking (to name a few).

What do we do best?

Our various pool service packages include:
  • Test and adjust water chemistry
  • (Chlorine, Acid, Bromine, Saltwater)
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Monitor and adjust (if necessary)
  • Swimming pool/spa equipment
  • Scheduled visits 1-3 times per week
  • Skim the water surface for floating debris
  • Vacuum the bottom surface for sunken debris
  • Brush pool steps
  • Empty pool cleaner debris bag
  • Clean Filters
  • Paint water pipes in equipment area to prevent sun damage & pipe sweating
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
Other services available:
  • Gutter Clean-outs
  • Gutter Whitening
  • Pressure Washing
  • Equipment Repair / Replacement
  • Install Handrails
  • Swimming Pool Whitening (Acid Wash)
  • Pool Light Bulb and Fixture replacement
  • Looking for additional services, just ask!

Your safety is our number 1 priority

Our personnel is uniformed, carefully screened, trained and drive company trucks to insure that you receive safe quality service every time. Bloomington pool and spa repair

Pool and Spa Equipment Cleaning & Repair

Pools are in constant need of repair and cleaning. Water quality needs to be maintained, chemicals need to be added, filters and expensive equipment need to be changed. At our company, we take it as a preservation of this amenity as an all-year round task. Often time’s commercial businesses hire someone whose full-time occupation is pool maintenance.

Consultation Service

With a lot of experience in swimming and spa pool knowledge in domestic, commercial pools, our company has the knowledge and expertise to aid you with all your pool needs. You can always ask for anything just for clarity or advice whenever you are in need. Tired of chlorine? We can advise on all the latest developments in the field of chlorine free products.

Worry-Free Pool Maintenance

However, with technological advances, the stress of this maintenance is a thing of the past. With our pool management, you have the ability to control it from anywhere at any time. Chemical automation in conjunction with an HHR or ORP control unit will allow you to monitor and control water quality twenty-four hours a day, adjust rates at which chemicals are added and maintain crystal clear water despite changes in bather loads and weather changes.

Extend the Life of your Pool

This unique digital service helps make your life easier and keep your most important amenity in pristine condition. This system even extends the life of the surface as well as the expensive equipment required to keep it running day after day. Because the chemical proportions are timely and regulated, you can rest assure that your amenity is being perfectly cared for. No human can operate on a schedule as perfectly as a digital device.

A Great Investment in your Pool or Spa

When you hire us to be sure to save a lot of repair and maintenance fee. By working with us, you will reduce labor and eliminate the normal small issues. You will end up saving a great deal of capital in the long run if you let us work with you.

Guaranteed Quality

With the enlisting of services, you are guaranteed to be provided with quality service. Our technicians are outstandingly professional and respectful. We realize you have a business to uphold and will work to the best of our abilities to not disrupt your hotel or apartment residents.

Free Quotes

Use our experience to receive free quotations on all your pool and spa needs. We use only the most reliable products on the market to ensure you have a trouble-free and cost efficient experience. We can quote on:
  • Pumps and Filters supply and installation.
  • Plumbing and pipe work.
  • Electronic Dosing systems and Salt Chlorinators.
  • All forms of pool heating.
  • Pool and spa covers including automatic pool covers.
  • Pool painting and renovations.
  • Leak detection and repair.
  • Regular pool valets etc.

24/7 services

We also offer 24-hour emergency pool services and repairs to our customers. Our responsiveness is second to none in the area since we are local and always answer the phone live during business hours. No answering machines. No Call Centers. No answering services. In fact, we’re so sure we have one of the best services for commercial business that if you try us for one month and are not completely satisfied, you receive that month free.

Various Packages

Our customized daily, weekly or bi-weekly commercial cleaning packages fit the needs of property managers, hotel owners, and apartment owners. No project we support is too little or large, and all get the same level of attention and care.

Contact us

Contact us today about a wide variety of commercial pool services for the local and surrounding areas. We guarantee to make sure your water and equipment stay clean, safe, repair free and ready to swim in all year round!