Fontana pool and spa equipment repair The Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Equipment Repairs we offer the following Commercial Pool and Spa Services;
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Resurfacing and Painting
  • Repairs
  • Training


For your pool or spa, we perform a complete range of repairs.  Whether you have a small or big renovation project, we adapt to the situation to give new life to your aquatic facilities.  The work is guaranteed and will last for many years to come.
  • Concrete pool or spa
  • Pool with vinyl liner
  • Fibreglass pool or spa
This is a list of repairs we can perform:
  • Replacement of equipment
  • Replacement of skimmer or jets
  • Replacement of the main drain
  • Installation of lighting
  • Painting
  • Stripping, Aquablast, Sandblast, sanding and removal of paint
  • Pressure test and leak detection
  • Restoration of mechanical room and pipes
  • Repair of concrete structure
  • Repair of leaks and cracks
  • Repair and restoration of walkways and pool deck
  • Replacement of pool liner
  • Replacement of pump
  • Replacement of filter
  • Replacement of components of filtration system

Machinery testing and maintenance tune up

Preventive visits or interventions can be included in your service contract. The goal of these visits is to prevent failure or breakage so that your facilities are always functional.  We can perform checkups on your pump, filter, water heater, pipes, structure, pool deck or other items as per your needs. pool and spa equipment repair Inland Empire

Pool and Spa Maintenance

For your indoor or outdoor pool, for summer maintenance or all year long, weekly maintenance has been our strength since our founding. The frequency of our visits depends on your needs.  We provide a complete service, which can even include chemicals. It notably includes:
  • Cleaning of the pool with a vacuum.
  • Cleaning of the water surface with a net.
  • Cleaning of the water line
  • Brushing of the pool
  • Reverse flow cleaning ‘’Backwash’’ or cartridge cleaning
  • Water quality tests (Free available chlorine, Combined available chlorine, Total available chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Phosphate, TDS, Salt level)
  • Addition of properly calculated quantity of chemicals
  • Cleaning of baskets (pump and skimmer)
  • General check up of equipment to ensure that it is in good working order.
  • Adjustment of your accessories to increase their lifespan and efficiency


All of this is performed using our tools, which reduces wear and tear on yours.  Let our professionals take care of your aquatic equipment.  In this way, you can avoid nasty surprises and incorrect handling by your building’s cleaning staff. At the same time, you can take care of other tasks.

Bacterial Analysis

In collaboration with other partners and strictly following government regulations, it is necessary to perform bacterial and turbidity tests once every 2 weeks for outdoor pools and once every 4 weeks for indoor pools. Test parameters are:
  • Fecal coliform
  • Turbidity
We procure the water samples and transport them to the laboratory. When the analysis has been completed, we give you the report to display and file. If the test does not meet standards, we will advise you as to the steps to correct the problem and then will redo the test. We do this is in order to offer clean and safe water for people using your facilities.

Annual Maintenance Service

Once a maintenance contract is established in line with your needs, our technicians will come and perform maintenance services. Here are the different types of services offered:
  • Opening
  • Machinery
  • Testing and maintenance tune up
  • Closing
  • Emptying
  • Changing sand or cleaning cartridges


Concrete or fiberglass pool

The opening is usually performed by completely emptying the basin.  It is cleaned with products designed for this use and which do not damage the basin. Montclair pool and spa equipment repair All equipment are checked, accessories installed and the pool/spa made operational.  We have pumps of low or high capacity to empty the basin. One or the other will be chosen depending on the location where waste water will be deposited.

Pool with vinyl liner

The opening is performed without completely emptying the pool.  An empty pool can damage the liner.  We will proceed with the complete cleaning of the pool in our standard steps so that the pool is ready for use. These are the steps:
  • Remove large debris from the pool, brush the liner, add chemicals at the appropriate dosage and do a general check of the facilities and equipment.
  • Cleaning of the bottom of the pool by moving dirt towards the drains. Also, reinstallation of equipment, complete cleaning of the cover and the steps and finally making the pool operational.
  • Testing of equipment and balancing water (if desired).
Many packages are available depending on your needs.


Closing normally takes place in autumn before the temperature drops below freezing. Properly winterized facilities save on the cost extensive and expensive repairs the following spring. During closing, the basin is emptied either completely or partially depending on the type of pool. Accessories are put in storage, equipment and water lines are purged, and preventive products (antifreeze and winterizing chemicals) are added. Entrust these maintenance tasks to our professionals in order to keep your facilities in good condition for a long time. This will also help avoid interruptions in service if the equipment were to be broken or deteriorate prematurely. Many options for winterization are available such as winter covers, leaf net, cleaning of the cell for a salt system and other options as on demand.

Emptying pool

For indoor pools, it is recommended to empty the basin a minimum of once a year.  The work necessary includes completely draining the pool. This is followed by performing a thorough cleaning with acid, refilling the pool and returning it to working order. During the time the pool is not in use, it is a good time for a tune-up of the pool equipment such as the pump, filter, water heater and sanitation system.  This way all the equipment will be in good working order the rest of the year.


It is necessary to empty, clean and refill spas frequently. It is very beneficial. Spa water is very difficult to maintain.  You must not put off emptying the spa.  The operation can regularly be performed by our team of experienced technicians.

Changing sand or cleaning cartridges

Our experienced professionals can change the sand in your filter when required.  Typically this needs to be done every 2 or 3 years. In an environment with warmer water, there are more contaminants, in this case, it is preferable to change the sand every year.  In this way, it is easier to maintain water quality. To do this, we will empty the filter and remove the contents.  The filter will be cleaned and then refilled with new sand. Consequently, the filter may be filled with sand, natural rock, or glass beads for better performance. If you have a cartridge filter, we can clean your cartridges on a weekly or monthly basis.  Our procedure consists of picking up your cartridges, manually cleaning them and then afterward dipping them in the cleaning solution. Finally, we bring back your cartridges.  Ideally, you would have a second set of cartridges that could be installed while we are cleaning the other set.

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