HOA: Home Owner Association Pool and Spa Repair

Our pool and spa maintenance plans are designed to keep all bodies of water sanitary for public use and compliance with Health Department regulations for public swimming. We also strive to meet the needs of each community individually. A condominium or HOA swimming pool and spa is a valuable amenity. We treat it as such and follow this maintenance schedule:

What we do for you

  • Test and balance pool and spa water, provide chemicals as needed
  • Log chemical readings in Health Department Log
  • Clean waterline tiles
  • Brush pool walls as needed
  • Vacuum pool floor weekly
  • Clean filters weekly
  • Clean ladders and grab bars as necessary
  • Maintain appropriate water level
  • Keep skimmer openings void of algae
  • Visually inspect all pool and spa equipment, report issues and/or concerns for management’s knowledge

Additional services are available upon request:

  • Stain treatments, stain prevention products
  • Phosphate treatments
  • Leak detection and/or repair
  • Water feature, fountain care
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Resurfacing and Renovations

We provide long-term planning

Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is experienced in providing pool services to homeowners associations. Our services majorly hinge on swimming pool construction, renovation, maintenance, and management. This is designed to ensure that properties preserve one of the most valuable amenities; the swimming pool. Colton pool and spa equipment repair We add value to your property by ensuring your pool meets our high level of safety standards. Working alongside homeowners associations, board members and property managers have helped us to create a team that understands: a swimming pool is a valuable gathering area for your housing community. At Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair, we work to improve the experience for the community by adding value to existing environments. For example, we ensure that the pool and surrounding area are safe for children to play. We also provide modifications, like a new spray ground, to activate additional play areas.

Keeping costs down

Cost containment is often a significant matter when it comes to homeowners associations. We work to minimize price tags while strengthening the overall look and functionality of the pool. We offer reputable and knowledgeable consultation to empower you with all of the information you need to make the right decision. From properly training lifeguards to stepping in to provide need repairs, property managers, board members, and owners depend on us for short- and long-term planning. Upland pool and spa equipment repair Instead of spending valuable time shopping around for support, you can turn to Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair. We provide all of the necessary condo pool services. You won’t need to deal with three separate companies when it comes to maintenance, lifeguards and construction. And we offer it all at a competitive price for your community.

Call us

Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is dedicated to making sure that all homeowners receive the best services around. Our primary job mainly entails pool management, pool maintenance, and pool construction. Beyond the pool, we also include playgrounds, outdoor heating, and cooling. Do not hesitate, call us today to make that necessary connection that will lead to the development of a long-term relationship between us.