Pool Filter repair

The quality and appearance of the water at your pool depend on a properly working filter system as well as regular filter inspections and maintenance. Fontana pool and spa repair If your pool appears cloudy, it might be time to repair the filter or install a new one. We carry a complete line of all the main brand name parts for upgrades. Let us consult with you and provide all the information you need before installing a new filter system. Even the most conscientious pool owner will eventually see dirt and debris accumulate in his pool. A swimming pool filtration system is designed to keep your water clean by pumping it through a barrier that traps particles and ensures only clean water goes back into your pool.

Types of Swimming Filters

There are three basic choices when it comes to swimming pool filters: sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth. Montclair spa and pool repair Each type of filter has its benefits and drawbacks, and each is effective. To choose the best swimming pool filter for your situation, it helps to understand how each work and their advantages and disadvantages.

Sand Filters

Sand filters are very common, easy to understand and use and inexpensive. They are considered the least useful type of filter and will not filter your pool water to the lowest possible micron, but are still incredibly popular. The swimming pool filter is filled with sand. Pool water is pulled into the filter and pressed through the sand. The sand filters out particles from the water. After the water has passed through the sand filter, it flows back into the pool. Swimming pool filters containing sand can be cleaned by backwashing the sand, or, if the sand becomes exceptionally dirty, by replacing the sand in the filter, which is relatively inexpensive. The main drawback of the sand filter is that it allows some particles through the sand, back into the water. Sand filters also use more water over time due to repeated backwashing being necessary.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are another type of filter. This swimming pool filters clean as the pool water filters through the filtering material. The filtering material captures particles and releases the cleaned water back into the pool. Colton pool and spa repair Cartridge filters are a very popular choice for many pool owners. Cartridge filters also are the preferred filter for a saltwater pool as they do not require backwashing. Therefore, no saltwater is backwash into your backyard landscaping. Cartridge filters also filter the water to a much smaller micron than sand filters resulting in much clearer pool water. If you choose a cartridge filter, it will require some maintenance. When the filter becomes full of debris, it becomes much less effective. You should plan to remove the filter and gently spray it clean with a water hose at least twice over the course of each swimming pool season. We recommend that the filters be cleaned regularly for optimum performance and can gladly perform this service for you.

DE Filters

Diatomaceous earth or DE, swimming pool filters are the final type of pool filter. Diatomaceous earth is the exoskeletons of diatoms that have become fossilized. This material is mined from the earth. DE swimming pool filters are considered the highest quality filter because they filter to the finest micron. DE water filters contain grids inside the filter housing. The diatomaceous earth is poured into the housing, where it coats the grids. The fossilized diatoms act as tiny sieves, filtering out microscopic particles. Diatomaceous earth can filter out debris as tiny as 5 microns, or 5/1,000 of a millimeter.

New filter system installation

We work with premier builders and developers to design and build efficient pool systems for new construction and development. We will work closely with the project managers to design the perfect system for you.

Chemical Feeders and Chlorinators

A good chlorinator is a key to keeping the water sanitary. We carry many types of chlorinators for use with liquid chlorine, such as peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, and many types of mechanized solid feeders for solid chlorine pucks that attach to the circulation system.

Pool Filter Replacement

When you own pool, having a working pool filter is extremely important. Your pool filter plays the same role as that of a human body’s liver, in that it filters your pool to keep debris from harming the system. When your pool filter is damaged or not functioning correctly, it is unable to do its job and can lead to damaging results. The first sign of a filter problem can be the pressure gauge consistently reading above 30psi. If your pool filter is having problems, call us today. We will come out and perform a full examination of the pool’s filtration system, pinpoint the problem, and make sure that it’s fixed as soon as possible. The responsibility of maintaining a pool can be a lot of hard work. It does require time, money, and energy. For many of us, those three things are in short supply. This should not stop you from having the pool of your dreams, however! As masters of everything pool, this is where our pool filtering services shine. We will do the job for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your pool! We are committed to providing you with the best customer service at a cost-effective price. Whatever your pool needs may be, call us today! One of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will come out to help you with any pool equipment repairs maintenance, and service needs.

New Pool Filter System Construction

We work with top builders and technicians to design and craft your new pool system. We will work closely with your project managers to construct the best filter system for you and your family. We are committed to providing the best services, therefore we will ensure that everything is set up without any issues.

Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement

Filter cartridge parts are becoming more and more popular since the tightening of environmental codes. It’s important for your family to be safe and healthy when swimming in your pool. We recommend that your cartridge filter cleaning is performed every 6 months to ensure maximum filtration. Not electing to have this procedure performed by a qualified professional, can result in poor filtration and early replacement of your filter cartridges.

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Instead of spending a long time trying to choose the right filter for your pool and installing it, allow a professional team to do all the hard work for you. At our company, we have installed hundreds of filters for pool owners, and this has allowed them to enjoy clean water and safe swimming. Furthermore, material design advances are important to consider when replacing a pool or spa filtration system. Construction and brand utilize several substances for the manufacture of swimming pool filters, with pricing about quality. While the traditional standard has been of stainless steel construction, cheaper and newer complex systems have proven to provide strength with less expense for the buyer. Whether you live around, or any of the surrounding communities, you can rely on our expertise and knowledge. Bringing expert diagnosis abilities, we’ll help you to make the best decision for your budget and long term goals. Whatever your need is, we’ll be of service to you! Our contact assistant is always on standby to make sure you are served well and that all your issues are addressed.