Pool Heater Repair

Everyone loves swimming in a heated pool.   We are here to help you extend your swim season or ensure you can use your pool anytime is our goal.  With years’ of experience in pool heating, our mission is to help you fix that pool heater that is defective.

We Guarantee our Work

We pride ourselves on our pool heater repair work. We want you to know that when you trust our technicians, you are getting the best service that we can offer you. That is why we offer guarantees on our services, parts, and ensure that our technicians are professional and courteous when they come to your pool. We believe in a personal touch approach to making ourselves known in the market. Referral and repeat business is important to us. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied with our service and work. We are confident that we meet this goal and that is why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Certified staff

Our swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair personnel are senior level pool professionals.  Our reputation for excellence in pool servicing also comes from our “no-wait” service. With technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our strategic location next to I-95, we will typically have a swimming technician on site within the shortest time anywhere, and throughout the region. Bloomington pool and spa repair It’s always nice to take a dip in the pool. Swimming pools are a fun backyard addition in our great state, but maintaining them can sometimes be a hassle. Between water balancing, general maintenance, and keeping the water at the right temperature, owning a pool can be more of an annoyance than a pleasure. But it doesn’t have to be! At our company, we also work on pool heating units. If you are having issues with your pool heater, we can repair or replace it, no problem! Contact us to speak with us about a pool heater repair today!

What Could Be Wrong with My Pool Heater?

If your pool isn’t staying warm, there could be some reasons as to why. The thermostat may just be set too low. This is an easy fix, just turn up the heat!

Do You Need Pool Heater Repair?

Your swimming pool heater can rotate on and off when its heat exchanger is unclean. This is usually caused by waste materials or by the buildup of soot and often results in heat being released from the base of the burners, triggering the safety heat sensors. Upland pool equipment repair You might not have enough water. This will produce an “invasion” of air into the skimmer. Your heater will then shut down. The pump will make an effort to prime, and the heater will rotate between turning on and shutting off. Do you have a gas-powered swimming pool heater? With these heaters, we often see spider webs inside the burner. These webs impede the movement of gas and shut off the heater. Rodents often cause heater issues as well. If you are having trouble with your swimming pool heater, call us today. We will quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. Pool heater issues can usually be repaired quickly and at a low cost. Sometimes it’s a bit more serious, like when the pool heater:
  • Does not turn on
  • Does not shut off
  • Does not reach the desired temperature
  • Creates its own on/off cycles
If the heat loss is greater than the heat input, it may be due to an improperly sized pool heater, or a mechanical issue. Another problem could be related to a faulty switch. A pool heater typically has a high limit switch to prevent overheating, and a defective switch can cause a heater to shut down when it shouldn’t. More serious issues, like the ones listed, will need professional attention. If you are experiencing these types of problems, or need an expert opinion, call us today!

We Repair All Makes & Models of Pool Heaters

At our company, we offer pool heater repairs for any electric heat pump models. If your pool heater is not keeping the water temperature at the right level, call us, and we’ll inspect the problem to see what’s going on. We’re experts at repair, and our commitment to our customers means we never tell you to purchase the equipment you don’t need. At the same time, we don’t encourage you to dump money into an older pool heater that is going to continue having the issue. If a replacement is necessary, we’ll be honest with you. The filter is guaranteed to need regular repairs and even replacement throughout the life of the swimming pool. Pool holders should seek a professional opinion regarding their pool heaters when problems arise. We are your local pool equipment repair specialist. We install high quality pool heater products and provide expert workmanship. Our pool heater repairs and heater installations are of the highest quality.

Signs that you may need a pool filter repair

Heater problems may need to be resolved with a pool heater repair when problems are found during the pool filter cleaning. Broken internal parts may impact on the functioning of a pool heater. This and many other filter problems should promptly be repaired or in certain cases replaced during the pool heater repair.

Expert pool heater repair for pool owners.

The residents of this area should seek the help of an experienced service company when a pool heater repair is needed. Improperly disassembling the pool heater could potentially be dangerous for pool owners. The potential to cause damage to the swimming pool equipment is also a risk for those who attempt to repair their own pool heater. Our technicians disassemble the heater, make the pool heater repairs and reassemble the heater. We take precautions to eliminate the risk of damage to people, property and to the pool or spa heater. Our heater experts work with all types of swimming pool heaters. We expertly repair heaters made by a variety of different pool manufacturers. Installing the right size and style of pool filter when a new filter is needed requires the help of an expert.

Pool heater repairs performed with the best replacement parts.

Along with our many pool services we have been providing pool heater repairs and installations for the longest time. We have access to suppliers and distributors for pool heaters and other materials at reasonable prices. We understands the importance of having and enjoying a swimming pool. We work with our customers and our suppliers to reach the best possible solutions in a timely manner. After inspecting and troubleshooting the heater, a professional technician will provide a free estimate. Also they will answer any questions the homeowner may have about the pool heater repair.

Pool heater repairs done right the first time.

A large majority of the heater parts necessary for repairs are readily available and can installed within the same day. In some cases, moderate plumbing repairs will also be required. After receiving the parts a pool heater repair typically takes a few hours to complete. It depends on the type and size of the heater and the repair that is needed. After the pool heater repair, we inspect the pool heater to confirm that everything will operate efficiently when the pool system is restarted.

 Experience The Difference!

Our Pool Services also offers a host of services to go with heater repair. Routine pool heater checksand services cleans help prevent premature pool heater damage. If the pool heater is too damaged to be safely repaired, a technician will recommend installing a new pool heater. For more information and a free estimate

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