Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is a top rated service Repair Company and the most dependable swimming pool and spa Repair Company. We are a full services company that does its business all year round. Rancho Cucamonga pool and spa equipment repair We are the industry leader in knowledge and liability for residential and commercial pools and spas. We are a full warranty center for all pool equipment, cleaner repairs, automation and electronics, and spas. We are the full manufacturer’s warranty center for all pool equipment and cleaner repairs. We make the warranty process simple as we take care of all the paperwork, scheduling, and repair. We offer reasonable, reliable and responsible pool repair service in addition to our absolute loyalty and commitment to all of our customers. Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair seeks to maintain economic, but comprehensive pools service. Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is an independently owned and operated local commercial pool and spa repair contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Pool/Spa Equipment Repairs:

  • Aboveground Pool Repairs and Installations
  • Mineral Springs and Chlorine (Salt) Generator Installations & Repairs
  • Automatic Vacuum Installations & Repairs
  • Freeze Protector Installations & Repairs
  • Chlorinator Installations & Repairs
  • All electrical work on pool/spa equipment, performed by our staff certified electrician
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Pump Repairs and Replacements
  • Timer Installations & Repairs
  • Heater Installation and Repairs
  • Slide Installation & Repairs
  • Light Installations & Repairs
  • Filter Installations & Repairs
  • Automation Install & Repair

Routine Pool & Spa Services:

  • Pool Openings/Pool Closings
  • Sand Changes/ D.E./Cartridge Filter Cleanings
  • Yearly Equipment Checks to maintain the proper use of the pool/spa equipment and warranty coverage

Pool Cleaning Maintenance:

  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly custom cleaning packages: Residential & Commercial
  • Acid Washes (Gunite Pools Only)
  • Vinyl Liner Resets (Inground Pools that are dirty: drain water, reset liner)
  • Pool Clean-Up (Chemically- all types of pools)
  • Away On Vacation Pool Cleaning Packages
As well, Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair has a full parts department, an in-house motor repair room, and in-house cleaner repair room. Claremont pool and spa repair We make sure that all our repair specialists are trained and certified before we release them onto a job site. Moreover, we do continuing education with all of our employees yearly, during the fall and winter months. We are in constant motion with the ever-changing trends in the industry hence we make sure all our staff keep up with the ever-changing industry of swimming pools and spas.

Quality Company

We pride ourselves on being the best service company in the whole of Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding areas. Our growth and success are due to the professional dedication and a commitment to the quality of service we provide our customers.


Our services are both competitive and reliable. Our expert service repair technicians are trained to locate and repair any aspect of your pool or spa with efficiency. Colton pool and spa equipment repair We service all makes of pumps, heaters, filters, automation systems, heat pumps, salt systems, and we are a full warranty station for all manufacturers.  As well, we specialize in servicing all makes and models or spas, portable or custom built in-ground spas.

Services that befit you!

When you are searching for skilled professionals, you need to find leaders in the industry that have been trained and are experts in the services sector. We use only the best products, parts, and tools to work on your pool and spa.

The staff

The staff at Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is well educated in pool and spa repair and chemical knowledge. Every service technician has been professionally trained by some of our industry partners. We take all the pride in providing you the service you expect and deserve. All our technicians can easily be identified by the company shirts and vehicles. All the professionals provide the client with the full level report and bill at the end of your service. Besides, we have a fully staffed service department that can answer any questions you have before and after your service call. You can contact them by phone or email. As a pool and spa owner, rest assured that you can trust Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair for all the pool repair services.


Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair is a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial pool service company. We currently offer a guarantee on all of our repair work ensuring quality pool repairs and service. Rancho Cucamonga Pool and Spa Repair offers an array of services including Green Pool Clean-Up, Regular Interval Pool Maintenance, and complete pool equipment repair service. We are dedicated to keeping your pool in peak condition providing a safe and fun pool atmosphere.

Call us

We will do the work on any of your repairs, simply call our service repair center, and we will schedule an appointment.